Terms and Conditions

For Sale By Owner

Seller is offering the property for sale without the assistance of any real estate broker and hereby confirms that Seller does not have an active listing agreement with any real estate brokerage.


Seller agrees to allow FSBO Rocket LLC to advertise Seller’s property on FSBORocket.com, FSBO Rocket’s Facebook page (this includes ads being run on Facebook), to set up an 800 number for buyers to call to learn more about the property and a text code number for buyers to text to learn more about the property. Such marketing shall continue on the Seller’s behalf until such time as the property closes escrow or the Seller wishes to stop said marketing with FSBO Rocket LLC.


Seller shall not be obligated to pay FSBO Rocket LLC a fee for the marketing service.

General Terms

The seller agrees to hold FSBO Rocket LLC harmless for any issues relating to the marketing done on the seller’s behalf. Seller also acknowledges that FSBO Rocket LLC will screen all potential buyer inquiries that come through the website and an agent/broker acting on behalf of FSBO Rocket LLC will schedule showings with potential buyers directly with Seller.


FSBO Rocket LLC will promptly remove the property from all marketing at any time Seller wishes FSBO Rocket LLC to do so or when the property closes escrow. Seller agrees to promptly notify FSBO Rocket LLC if Seller lists the property with a real estate broker to prevent FSBO Rocket LLC from unknowingly violating any Real Estate Agency or Code of Ethics rules. Seller may email FSBO Rocket LLC at any time at clientcare@fsborocket.com if they wish to stop the marketing.


FSBO Rocket LLC is a licensed real estate brokerage. FSBO Rocket LLC and Seller acknowledge that FSBO Rocket LLC is not representing Seller as a listing broker, but is only performing a limited service on the Seller’s behalf that only pertains to the agreed-upon marketing as described above.